10 Jun

Precision agriculture with Elaisian

Yes we love organic!

  • We care about the envirinment.
  • We do not use pesticides.
  • We do not use fertilizers.
  • We do not water our trees.

But, we invest in tecnology for a more eco sustainable agriculture.

For this reason, we have invested heavily in precision agriculture by entering into an agreement with Elaisian, a leading company in this innovative sector.

But what does precision agriculture consist of?

Through a system of sensors that measure parameters such as chlorophyll, the chemical composition of the soil but also, in real time, the temperature and humidity in the olive grove, Elaisian is able to advise or send us alarms. In this way, the use of pesticides (allowed in organic farming) and fertilizers is limited only to cases of real need and thanks to the prediction algorithms of the control system, we can take the necessary actions in advance and then adopt minimally invasive remedies and respectful of the environment.


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