23 Nov

Finally the long awaited moment!
The new oil is on our table, we pour it
on bread cooked to firewood, in the tomato salad with feta, over grilled meats ...

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22 Nov


After a day of hard work, after washing and pressing the olives, here is finally the first oil of the season !! Time to store it in the stainless steel bins and come back to work in the field to collect more olives! This year they are many, they are beautiful and ....
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19 Nov

Tired but satisfied!

The olives are so many and so beautiful, they are ripe at the right point and, thanks to the rains last month, their pulp is soft and swollen.
We are very excited and look forward to tomorrow to taste the new oil!

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18 Nov

The trees are plenty of juicy olives, tomorrow we begin to harvest!